Does it hurt?

During the procedure, you can expect a stinging sensation. How much it stings depends on the area of the body. Fortunately the more sensitive areas where you might need hair removal, such as your upper lip, are smaller areas so the procedure is over with quickly. Larger areas such as your back may take a lot longer to cover with the laser, but the sensitivity of that part of the body is much lower.

Can you wax after?

No waxing or tweezing in between hair removal treatments. Once you begin your laser hair removal treatments, you can only shave or use hair removal cream.

Can I shave in-between my treatments?

Yes you can shave during treatment, but do not pluck or wax the area being treated.

Can I tan or use fake tan in between?


How long will my treatment take? 

The time of the treatment depends on what areas the client is getting treated.

How long do I have to wait in between treatments?

4-6 Weeks

How soon before you see results? 

The amount of hair falling out after each treatment depends upon the body area.
The result of laser hair removal varies from person to person but you may get one of the following long-term outcomes:

  • You may achieve permanent hair loss, but this result is not guaranteed.
  • Hair may grow back in treated areas but you may see a reduction in the amount of re-growth. Hair can be patchy and thinner than previous hair growth.
  • The thickness of the skin on the treated area can also have an effect on laser treatment results. Areas where the skin is thinner tend to show better results than those which have thicker skin.
  • The new hair may be lighter in colour than before, which will make it less noticeable

Will it go forever?

You may achieve permanent hair loss, but this result is not guaranteed. 

Is laser suitable for Black and Asian skins?

Yes. It is safe for all skin types. 

Can you have laser while pregnant or breastfeeding?

No. During pregnancy hormones imbalanced can result in fast hair growth and bother would-be mothers. Exposing the pregnant lady to the laser beams is not safe for her as well as the baby.

How should I prepare myself for treatments?

Please shave the area being treated before you come to the clinic and ensure you answer all the therapist’s questions to the best of your knowledge before the treatment.

What happens if I finish the course but still have unwanted hair?

We do have single treatments available should you require more sessions after you have completed your package.

Please download elite hair removal consultation form and fill in as much as possible. We will do the rest with you at your consultation.