Laser Hair Removal For Asian And Black Skin

Leading technology provided by the Cynosure Elite Laser has made it possible to treat Black and Asian skin types safely and efficiently at His and Hers. Treating a person with dark skin is a challenging task for any laser specialist. The melanin pigment, which lives in the surface of our skin in our epidermis, is designed to absorb light. As there is more melanin present in darker skin types, it is essential you are treated correctly and safely. The Cynosure Elite system uses the NdYag Laser, which is a safe and efficient laser to treat darker skin types, Black skin presents its own issue called Pseudofoliculitis barbae, which is often referred to as “razor bumps,” or “ingrown hairs.”

Approximately 80% of Black men and women suffer from razor bumps on a daily basis. Ingrown hairs or razor bumps are a result of shaving. Ingrown hairs appear post shaving. The hairs that were just cut by the razor are only removed above the surface of the skin leaving the follicles under the skin to curl and burrow underneath the skin. The hairs are coarse and the ends are sharp which explain the irritated bumpy appearance. Symptoms and signs of ingrown hairs include itching, burning and in many cases cause scarring, making shaving almost an impossible task.

Unwanted hair is one of the most common conditions suffered by Asian women and men across the country. It can affect self confidence and increase anxiety, and can have a serious affect on quality of life. Now the problem can be solved for good with His & Hers high-tech laser hair removal treatment.

Please download elite hair removal consultation form and fill in as much as possible. We will do the rest with you at your consultation.